Funny News: Fox News Sucks Again

Fox News Sucks: it is Your Voice for Evil.

We all know Fox News sucks like a two dollar hooker. If you don’t, I suggest you try a two dollar hooker. You would find out that it feels almost exactly like Fox News.

has once again proven that. It has found that “Fox News is both the most trusted and least trusted name in news.” It may sound like a paradox, but it is easily explained by the fact that this poll was conducted by a bunch of morons. No, it actually was not. It was conducted by a bunch of mildly retarded Republican idiots. Once again no! It was conducted by a respectable organization by name of Public Policy Polling.

How can it be true then that”Fox News is both the most trusted and least trusted name in news”? The reason is that Republican voters have been so brainwashed by Fox News that whatever nonsense they hear there, they think that it is the holy truth itself. Democratic voters, on the other hand, have been brainwashed by some other channel, as only 20% of them trust Fox News. Yes, that is correct: Public Policy Polling has reported that “75% of Republicans trust it while only 20% of Democrats do”.

If you think this is funny, how about the following: “according to a recent report, the Fox audience knows less even than folks who don’t watch any news at all”? That was reported by the . So please watch Fox News, because there is no reason to know anything about the world.

Somehow these news don’t surprise me. I always thought that Rupert Murdoch had too much fun writing the news. He apparently forgot that even in the contemporary world the TV news are still supposed to convey some new and true information, not just the product of his imagination. I congratulate him and his buddies Republicans on having a good imagination though. So I suggest we nominate them for Oscars, for the least accurate news screenplay.

Since there would be no competition in this category, Rupert and Fox News will win. But they would still feel proud: Fox News with its fantasy news is in the category of their own.

Have your own reasons why Fox News sucks? Tell them in the comments below.

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