Funny Animal Comics #1

Funny Animal Comics in this collection:

1. Albert Takes the Cake (5 pages)
Bumbazine bakes Pogo a birthday cake, but Albert tries to steal it.

2. Katonka Flies North (11 pages)
A grateful goose alerts the soldiers that healed him that some German spies are sneaking around the island.

3. Piggy Pranks (12 pages)
Bobby raises two piglets and trains them to do various tricks. Everything goes well, until a junkie steals them.

4. Right of Way (7 pages)
Two skunks antagonize a woodchuck while looking for a place to stay.

5. Muzzy and Ginger (11 pages)
Muzzy and Ginger escape from a pet shop. Doctor Atkins finds them and takes them as pets for the State School for Crippled Children.

6. The Monarch of Panther Gorge (8 pages)
November snows drive the Monarch and his family to seek their winter home, deep in the woods.

7. Milk for the Baby (10 pages)
Circus train suffers a terrible crash. Frightened, baby elephant runs away. It leaves his father alone but finds a friend.

Content Genre: Funny Animals; Adventure; Humor; War; Anthropomorphic Creatures; Literary Nonsense.

Characters: Albert (first appearance; an alligator); Pogo (first appearance; a possum); Bumbazine (first appearance); Mrs.Jay (first appearance); Beetle (first appearance); Katonka; Sgt. Bain; Private Rooney; Tauber (villain); Nazis (villains); Pa Dunn; Ma Dunn; Bobby Dunn; Paddy (a pig); Pinkie (a pig); Snuffy (a skunk); Violet (a skunk); Judge Martin; Muzzy (a chimpanzee); Ginger (a kitten); Homer; Dr. Atkins; The Monarch (a deer); Game Warden Dan Burke; Tom; Babe (a baby elephant); Ernie; Cyrus Solon Walker; Mrs. Walker; Sonny Walker. Team Notes:

1. We especially like the 1st story, which is called ‘Albert Takes the Cake’.

2. We especially like the following lines from these stories:
a) The alligator’s line ‘Well, bless my soul if that doesn’t smell like chocolate cake!’
b) Bumbazine’s line ‘Don’t eat Bumbazine because that is me!’
c) Skunk’s line about his newly born babies: ‘I didn’t know they were going to be so tiny and helpless!’

3. We think that all the stories in this series are awesome and funny.

Funny Animal Comics (1)

Funny Animal Comics (2)

Funny Animal Comics (3)

Funny Animal Comics (4)

Funny Animal Comics (5)

Funny Animal Comics (6)

Funny Animal Comics (7)

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