Do Internet Companies Consider Us Monkeys Or Humans?


We all know about Internet’s potential for abuse. Just start a site and track everyone you know. Now it’s easy. Just install Google Analytics code and you’re ready to spy on the world. Nothing wrong with it, huh?

Seriously speaking, have reached new lows – or highs – depending on whether you work in one of those companies or not. If you do, congratulations. If not, accept our condolences.

Well, regardless of everything said above, one thing is clear. The new measure by major Internet companies – Google, Facebook, and Yahoo – is going to turn every human being into a subject of a scientific experiment.

We all have heard of a recent controversy where Facebook admitted to running experiments on nearly all of its users. Some of seemed to stretch the meaning of the word “ethical”. Many other Internet companies have likewise stretched the meaning of the word “ethical”. But all this is nothing when compared to this new measure designed to turn every one us into a monkey.

This new measure is supposed to turn every one of us into a monkey by installing a new type of code into a an audio file, one that would program us to report all our behavior s to Facebook and Google. Then, they would evaluate our behavior and suggest that we buy more from their advertisers.

Those of us who refuse to go along with this measure are going to be severely punished. Google, Facebook, and Yahoo – not to mention numerous other, smaller Internet companies – have reached an agreement with US government.

This agreement would allow any Internet company to complain about people who don’t buy products from their advertisers. So if a person repeatedly refuses to buy products from them, he would be confined to a mental asylum. There, in the mental asylum, he would be taught to buy products advertised in online ads, or face another mental asylum sentence. The world is becoming more and more just.

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