Atomic Rabbit Comics #1

Atomic Rabbit Comics in this collection:

1. The Discovery (6 pages)
This story features Atomic Rabbit before he got his superpowers. In the beginning, the two malicious sons of the town’s mayor chase him, just because they want to mess with him. Nevertheless, he gets lucky and finds a friendly house that feeds him. The effect their food has on him is amazing.

2. The Monk and Chuck Are Ground Up! (10 pages)
When Sherlock Monk and Chuc try to solve the mystery of the missing meat, they almost get butchered. An exciting story that has an even more exciting ending.

3. Just Water Over the Dam (8 pages)
The story continues from the origin story. In it Atomic Rabbit goes to Washington to test the soil that gave him his superpowers.

4. Trouble in the Big City (10 pages)
When Oscar The Sheriff goes to the big city, Billy The Kid has to go to town to get him out of town. An exciting read about the dangers of big city.

Content Genre: Humor; Funny Animals; Superhero; Detective; Mystery; Science Fiction; Adventure; Funny Comics.

Characters: Atomic Rabbit; Sherlock Monk; Lottie Linden; Atterbury Oaknose; Billy The Kid; Oscar The Sheriff. Staff Notes: We adore the way characters of these comic are drawn. They are funny yet real-looking, not to mention that their eyes are carefully drawn to reflect the emotions they are experiencing.

Atomic Rabbit Comics (1)

Atomic Rabbit Comics (2)

Atomic Rabbit Comics (3)

Atomic Rabbit Comics (4)

Atomic Rabbit Comics (5)

Atomic Rabbit Comics (6)

Atomic Rabbit Comics (7)

Atomic Rabbit Comics (8)

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